The Travel Industry Management Student Association (TIMSA) at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) is a club designed for students who are dedicated and passionate about the hospitality and travel industries. By creating a distinct network of peers and industry leaders, TIMSA members will be encouraged and driven to pursue their goals and become sucessful professionals within their careers. 

Not only designed for students to network, TIMSA is built upon the foundation of community and giving back. TIMSA is heavily involved in community service and fundraising with the ambition of raising awareness, building relationships, and nuturing the community as well as the industry.

Members will be given ample opportunities to visit various hospitality and travel enterprises as well as meet the professionals that run them. Through site inspections and workshops, members will be able to hear and get real world experience of what it is like to work within their chosen industry.

As the largest club within the School of Travel Industry Management, TIMSA is an excellent way for new students to gain exposure within the industry. The Officers of TIMSA welcome you and sincerely look forward to meeting new members and encouraging their growth socially and profesionally.